Version 5.2 of the EduTone / Global Grid for Learning SSO and identity management platform (Version 5.2) includes the following  enhancements:

Easier LDAP Sync

LDAP synchronization has been improved as follows:

  • Visual Mapping: A new, intuitive user interface allows Organization Administrators to select and browse through a Microsoft AD sync and  add/edit/remove mappings and OUs to/from GGFL Roles and Groups using simple point-and-click functionality.

  • Dynamic Validation: GGFL now checks whether AD sync parameters are valid both during the initial sync and on an ongoing basis.  Administrators receive notifications of any problems via email.

    Note: This feature will be generally available to customers by October 30, 2015; however, customers needing early access to this feature can email  requests for access to

    Note: In-app notifications will be added to future releases.


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Streamlined CSV User Data Upload Options

CSV file upload has been streamlined as follows:

  • FTP Server: Edutone can support CSV file upload through an embedded FTP server with AWS-S3 data storage. Customers needing this feature  can email requests to
  • Organizational Parameters: CSV file bulk upload now supports the following additional fields:
    • Organization ID/Organization Name/Displayed Name
    • Region
    • Country
    • Organization Type
    • URL of Login Page
    • Email New Credentials (Y/N)


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Tighter SSO Standards Integrations

SSO integration has been strengthened as follows:

  • SAML: SAML is now listed in the Passport Configuration screen when it is applicable to a particular resource. If an Administrator  selects a SAML-based SSO, GGFL will automatically request the information required for SAML configuration.
  • OAuth: White label partners can now request a custom Login screen created by our support team to accommodate OAuth-based SSO  through a third-party application. We have also added an OAuth-based API extension. If you are a white-label partner who needs this feature then  email your request to


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Improved Username and Password Management

Username and password management has been improved as follows:
  • Third Party Credential Retention: The “Forgot your username/password” feature and the ability to reset usernames and passwords no  longer appears to GGFL users who are provisioned through AD/IdP, LMS, or SIS sync. Administrators can specify whether users will be asked to reset  their credentials during their first GGFL login or whether they will only use the credentials provided in the notification email or from an external  identity provider. Users authenticated through external IdP cannot have their Username and Password fields edited by GGFL  Administrators. Administrators can, however, reset passwords for users created via AD sync via an LDAP configuration view.
  • Password Retrieval: Users who are authenticated directly through GGFL (as opposed to an external identity provider) will be able to click  a Can’t Login button on the Login screen and then elect to receive their username or reset their password via email by clicking the  link in that email.


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More Comprehensive Management of Administrators

When approving registration forms, an Organization Administrator can now associate self-registered Administrators with their parent Organization  so that they automatically receive all of the region-specific benefits, including any available publicly-funded resources. By default, the  Organizatio of the Administrator who approved the Organization registration is treated as the parent Organization.


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Easier Access to SSO Instance

Visiting the customer-specific GGFL Gateway (or using the mobile Passport app) now allows users to URL which is specific to each customer or via  the Passport mobile app, users are now able to access their own personal Passport, including any customized branding, by simply entering their  organization name as part of the login process and having their username and password verified with that parent Organization.


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Discrete Resource Provisioning

Resource provisioning has been enhanced by adding the a ability to provision user SSO directly to a specific piece of content inside a third-party  application (and not just the application itself) through a Passport Configuration screen. This deep link functionality is available to white  label partners who integrate GGFL into their own user interface.


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Language Localization

GGFL has been reconfigured to enable dellivery in multiple languages. Administrators may now configure the default language via the Org  Admin tab in GGFL. Users can now seamlessly switch between supported languages through the GGFL interface. Supported languages will include  Arabic and Spanish by the end of 2015.


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Marketplace Improvements

White label partners can set up Resource pricing in their own Marketplace at the Catalog level, including bulk assignments.


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