EduTone / Global Grid for Learning Platform Release Notes -- v5.3 (December 2015)

Version 5.3 of the EduTone / Global Grid for Learning SSO and identity management platform includes the following  enhancements:


Generic Login

If this option has been enabled, users can now specify their Organization name when logging into GGFL.

This feature allows multiple Organizations to use the same hostname, as  follows:

  • Multiple AD servers can now be associated with a single GGFL hostname (URL).
  • Depending on system configuration, usernames and passwords must be unique across a single Organization or across an entire host (such as


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Active Directory/LDAP Integration

The LDAP Servers screen is now the Active Directory Synchronization screen, which is accessible by selecting Users>Active Directory Sync in the Toolbar.

The following changes are being made to Active Directory/LDAP functionality in GGFL:

  • Users can browse the Active Directory.
  • GGLF can be configured to automatically synchronize with one more AD server(s) on a predefined schedule.
  • Users can bulk-import Groups.
  • GGFL now supports syncing LDAP roster data.
  • Active Directory integration is now included with the Standard version of GGFL.


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Multi-Language Support

GGFL now supports multiple languages within the Passport app. You may select the desired language by clicking the Language icon in the Toolbar to open a menu with available options.


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Browser Plug-in

Browser plug-ins (available for Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox) offer enhanced functionality with certain Connectors and expand the number  of SSO Connectors supported within GGFL. GGFL will notify users when an updated plug-in version is available and provide a link to download that  plug-in. Users who do not yet have this plug-in installed will receive links and instructions for download and installation.


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Redesigned Credential Capture Screen

The Credential Capture screen where users enter their credentials to access a Connector is receiving a number of enhancements. Additional  enhancements will be provided with the January release.


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Inheritable UI Skinning

GGFL includes a feature that allows sub-Organizations to inherit the skin (interface look and feel) from a parent Organization.

This feature is especially useful for white label partners and resellers. With this option enabled, they can apply their custom skin to a new Organization by  checking a checkbox when adding or editing an Organization.


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Enhanced Connector Configuration Options

Connector configuration options have been enhanced. In the Passport Configuration screen (Resources>Passport Configuration), select the Connector and then click Configure to open the <Connector> screen, where <Connector> is the name of the Connector.

The following options are available:
  • Users can change the icon that appears for a Resource, change the title that appears on the Resources screen.
  • GGFL can be configured to pass credentials to a Connector. If a user's GGFL username and password are the same as their Connector credentials, then GGFL can automatically pass that user's login information to the Connector if the Use the Passport credentials checkbox is checked.
  • The SSO Properties section varies by Connector; however, the properties have icons next to each field. Clicking one of these icons toggles it between green (to signify that the information in that field is available to sub-Organizations of the current Organization) and gray (to signify that this information is not available to the sub-Organizations).
  • On the Resources screen, you can drag and drop Resource icons to change the order in which they appear to users.


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Enhanced Connector Provisioning Options

GGFL now includes the following additional options when provisioning a Connector:

  • Create a user account when the first SSO session is requested.
  • Bulk creation of user accounts (Once the Connector is assigned to a Role or Group).
  • Allow users to either enter their existing credentials or request a new account.


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Organization CSV Upload

Organizations now have a new External ID property that allows users to assign parent Organizations when uploading new Organizations via CSV.

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Users can be de-provisioned from Connectors once that Connector is unassigned. This feature is available if supported by the Connector  provider.


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Password Self-Service

Administrators can allow users to reset their own passwords by checking the Allow password reset checkbox in the Update Organization screen.

If this option is enabled, then users can change their own passwords by clicking Menu in GGFL and selecting Change Password.

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