The Admin Console Interface

The main Admin Console interface consists of the Toolbar and the Main menu, which provide high-level access to all available administrative functions.



The Toolbar at the upper right corner of your screen contains the following functions:

  • Welcome, <Your Name>: Displays the name of the user who is currently logged into SSO Passport.

  • Help: Accesses this User/Admin Guide.

  • Language: Clicking the Language icon (language abbreviation) opens the Languages menu, which allows you to select the SSO Passport interface language.

  • Sign Out: If you are on a shared or non-secure device and wish to keep your account protected, SSO recommends that you click the Sign Out button at the end of each session.

The Main menu just below the Toolbar contains the following tabs:

  • Development Portal: This tab appears for Partner users only. Allows you to view the applications that are authorized to make API calls to SSO Passport. See The Integrated Applications Screen (opens a new article).

  • Integrations: This tab allows you to manage the partner(s) who can access your roster data (if you are an Administrator of Educational Institution) or manage access to School(s) roster data (if you are Partner user). See Integrations for Org Admins and See Integrations for Ecosystem Partners (opens a folder with a list of related articles).

  • Org Admin: This tab allows you to perform organizational Administrator actions. This tab contains the following option:

    • Manage Organizations: Add, edit, or remove Organizations, manage organizational Administrators. See The My Organizations Screen (opens a new article)

  • Resources: View all the services and resources available to your Organization, create folders for different users, Groups, and Roles, and assign/remove/delete specific services to and from specific users, Groups or Roles. See Resources (opens section TOC).

  • Users: View, add, assign, or remove users to and from Groups and organizations. This tab contains the following options:

    • Users: View a list of all added users, access individual records to update or correct user information, assign or change a Role or Group within the organization, or delete users as needed. See The Users Screen (opens a new article)

    • Groups: View a list of user Groups, and add/edit/delete Groups. See Working with Groups (opens a new article).

    • CSV Upload: Upload CSV files containing data such as Schools, Users (teachers and students), Groups, Enrollment information, SSO credentials. You may also view a log of your data import history. See The CSV Upload Screen (opens a new article).

    • Active Directory Sync: View any AD servers to which you have established a connection, add or remove AD servers for user info synchronization, and add synchronization between the AD server(s) and SSO Passport. See The Active Directory Synchronization Screen (opens a new article).

  • Reports: Run and review reports on user and Group activity over a defined period of time. This tab contains the following sub-tabs:

    • Charts: Set search parameters and run reports. See The Charts Screen (opens a new article).

    • New Users: View newly added users over a selected date range. See The New Users Screen (opens a new article).

    • Subscription Utilization: Displays detailed information about how the Organizations in your hierarchy are using the Resources they are subscribed to. See The Subscription Utilization Screen (opens a new article).