The My Organizations Screen

Navigation: Org Admin > Manage Organizations


“My Organizations” view contains the following controls:

  • Search: Entering a search term in the field and then clicking the Search button returns a list of Organizations that meet search criteria

  • Display records/page: Use this pull-down menu to select how many records to display per page of the My Organizations table

  • Delete: Selecting one or more Organization(s) and then clicking the Delete icon (X) deletes the selected Organization(s). See Deleting an Organization

  • Add Organization: Clicking the Add Organization icon (plus sign) opens the Add Organization screen, which allows you to add a single organization, using the Admin Console interface. See Adding an Organization (opens a new article)

  • Upload CSV: Clicking the Upload CSV icon opens the Import Details screen, which allows you to upload a CSV file, containing numerous Organizations. See CSV Upload (opens a new article)

  • Organizations table: This table lists the following information for each Organization:

    • Name: Full Name, and a short name of the Organization
    • Org Type: Type of Organization (such as School, District, etc.)
    • Administrator: Number of Administrator(s) assigned to that Organization. Clicking the Manage Administrators link allows you to assign and unassign Administrators for that Organization. See Managing Administrators (opens a new article).
    • Premium subscription status: Subscription level of the Organization (either Standard or Premium). Standard organization can activate only standard resources, "Contact sales" button for premium resources. Premium organization can activate both - standard and premium resources. 

NOTE. A user can also update existing Organization in Organization screen after clicking the name of Organization.  See “Managing an Existing Organization”