The Users Screen


Selecting Users>Users opens the Users screen.

This screen contains the following functions:

  • Search: You may search for users using any criteria from the table on this screen (see below) and any sub-Organization(s) by using the Search field and/or Organizations pull-down menu. See Searching for Users (opens a new article).
  • Number of matches: Number of user matching your selected search criteria, if any. If no search criteria are specified, displays the total number of users in the Organization and all sub-Organizations.
  • Display Records/Page: This pull-down menu allowing you to specify the number of user records displayed per page, from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 100 records per page.
  • Selected users menu: Selecting one or more users by checking the checkbox(es) corresponding to the user(s) and then clicking Selected Users opens a pull-down menu with the following functions:
    • Assign Role: Selecting one or more user(s) in the table and then clicking the Assign Roleicon (gear) opens the Edit User(s) Role popup, which allows you to assign a new Role to the selected user(s). See Assigning Roles (opens a new article).
    • Assign Group: Selecting one or more user(s) in the table and then clicking the Assign Group icon (gear) opens the Choose Groups popup, which allows you to assign a new Group to the selected user(s). See Assigning Groups (opens a new article).
    • Send Notification: Selecting one or more user(s) and then clicking the Send Notificationicon (envelope) allows you to email login information to any user(s) who have not yet activated their SSO Passport account. See Sending Notifications (opens a new article).
    • Delete: Selecting one or more user(s) in the table and then clicking the Delete icon (X) deletes the selected user(s). See Deleting Users (opens a new article).
  • Add users: These functions allow you to add one or more users using one of the following options:
    • Single: Opens the Add User(s) popup, which allows you to add a single user. This method is convenient for adding small numbers of users. For adding large numbers of users, consider the CSV file import method. See Web Form (opens a new article).
    • Upload CSV: Opens the Manage Data screen, which allows you to upload a CSV file with user data. This method is recommended for bulk-adding large numbers of users. See The CSV Upload Screen (opens a new article).

The table on this screen displays the following information for each user:

  • Name: Full name of the user.
  • Username: Username of the user.
  • Location: Organization to which the user belongs.
  • Role(s): Role the user has within their organization. A user may only have one Role.
  • Group(s): Group(s) the user belongs to within their organization. A user can belong to multiple Groups.