The New Users Screen

Selecting Reports>New Users opens the New Users screen, which allows you to download a report that lists users with the specified Role(s) from the selected Organization who have been added to SSO Passport from the specified date to the present date.

To download a report:
  1. Select Reports>New Users to open the New Users screen.
  1. Select the Organization for which to run the report using the Organization pull-down menu.
  1. Select the Role(s) to include in the report using the User Role(s) pull-down menu.
  1. Either enter the starting date for the report (the ending date will be the current date) in the Create From field in mm/dd/yyyy format or click the Date button (calendar) to open a Calendar popup.
  1. Click Generate.

A File Download dialog box appears, allowing you to specify a location where to save the requested data in CSV format.