The Catalog Screen

Selecting Catalog>Product Connectors opens the Catalog screen.


This screen contains the following functional controls:

  • Search/Clear: You may search for Resources by entering one or more keyword(s) in the Search field and then clicking the Search button. To clear a previous search, click the Clear button.

  • Filters: The panel on the left side of the screen contains a list of filters that you can use to refine the search results. One can apply any number or a combination of filters.

  • Clicking Clear all removes all of your specified filters.

Each Resource in the Catalog is represented with the following information:

  • Product icon: Clicking this image opens the Description tab of the Product Details screen for the selected Resource. See The Product Details Screen

  • Product title: Clicking the name of the Product opens the Description tab of the Product Details screen for the selected Resource. See The Product Details Screen and The About Tab

  • Type of Service: Type of Resource. This can be one of the following:

    • Bookmarks: Link to an external website that requires no sign-in.

    • Provisioning Connectors: Connectors that tie an existing service subscription to an Organization to provision user accounts. For example, an Organization with an existing subscription to a Learning Management System can connect that subscription to SSO Passport and have user accounts created for users within that Organization.

    • Roster Data Integrations (RDI):  allow School and District administrators to enable  access to SIS Roster data for providers of educational services.

    • Special Offers: Variation of fully automated account provisioning that creates a subscription upon user’s activation. This type of Resources allows districts, schools and teachers to find and explore new educational resources.

    • SSO Connectors: SSO allows users to leverage existing user accounts for single sign on (SSO) by mapping existing third-party accounts to SSO Passport accounts.

  • Feature Icons: A Resource listing may display one or more of the following icons:

    • Roster Data Integration: The Resource supports Roster Data Integrations that allow school districts to share SIS data with providers of educational resources. This type of integration involves sharing of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Consult your district IT department to ensure compliance with applicable policies.            

    • Ecosystem partner: An Ecosystem partner is a company that has securely integrated with the SSO Passport platform to provide reliable service to schools.  

  • Add to Resources: Clicking this button opens the Add to Resources tab of the Product Details screen for the selected Resource (The Product Details Screen).

The list of Filters contains the following filters:

  • Type of Service

  • Standard or Premium

  • State or Province

  • Products

  • Subjects

  • Grade Level


Note: If your Organization has a Standard subscription then the buttons for non-free Resources will display Contact sales. Clicking this button triggers an email notification to SSO for follow-up by a representative. Free Resources will display the Add to Resources button.