EduTone / Global Grid for Learning Platform Release Notes -- v5.7 (June 2016)

Version 5.7 of the EduTone / Global Grid for Learning SSO and identity management platform includes the following enhancements:

Active Session Preservation

Previous versions of GGFL required users to log back in if they accidentally logged out, such as if they accidentally close a tab or refresh a page. GGFL now keeps a user's session active during page refreshes or when opening the application in a new browser tab/window. Inactivity timeouts still apply.

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OpenID Support

GGFL supports the OpenID decentralized authentication protocol that allows user authentication by co-operating sites (called Relying Parties) using a third party service. This removes the need for webmasters to provide their own login systems and allows users to log in to multiple unrelated websites without having to have a separate identity and password for each site. Please contact Technical Support for assistance with this feature if needed.

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Self-Signed Certificate Support

Previous GGFL versions required the Organization Administrator to contact Technical Support in order to use self-signed AD/LDAP certificates. This support is now built directly into the GGFL interface, meaning that it is no longer necessary to contact Technical Support.

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Enhanced Email Notifications

Email notifications have received the following enhancements:

  • Blacklisting: GGFL now allows an Organization Administrator to blacklist one or more email domain(s). Blacklisted domains will not receive email notifications by default. To blacklist one or more domain(s), please contact Technical Support with a list of the domain(s) to be blacklisted.
  • Bounce suspension: GGFL will automatically pause email notifications when the bounce rate exceeds a specified threshold and will send a notification to the Organization Administrator. This notification will include a link that can be clicked to resume sending emails.
  • Bulk Approvals: An Organization Administrator can contact Technical Support to specify a maximum number of emails to be sent in any one round of notifications. If a round of notifications exceeds this number, GGFL will forward an email to the Organization Administrator. This email will contain a link that the Organization Administrator can click to approve sending the notifications.

The above features are available via back end configurations and can be set up by GGFL customer support upon request.  

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Enhanced OAuth Support

OAuth is an authentication protocol that allows users to allow an application to act on their behalf without sharing their password. GGFL now supports the following additional OAuth standards:

  • District and School GUID attributes in user accounts, which can be used to tie individual students to the Organizations they belong to.
  • SSO access to mobile applications (if the application supports this functionality)
  • OAuth refresh tokens
  • State OAuth parameters
  • OAuth Scopes attributes

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School/District Admin Attributes

The Data API now supports School Administrator (input/output) and District Administrator (output) elements for exchanging data. For example, a service provider may require these entitites in order to create user accounts and/or allow SSO access.

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Parent/Guardian Attributes

User accounts can now contain parent/guardian information. This creates a direct tie between a student and their parent or guardian, which can be used in a variety of ways. For example, a parent using SSO to access resources can be given the same set of resources as the child(ren). This information can also be used in API calls where information about these relationships is needed.

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Simplified PowerSchool Mapping

Previous versions of GGFL required users to enter their PowerSchool settings to establish an initial synchronization and to then manually map GGFL Organizations to PowerSchool entitites. This process has been simplified in that Organizations no longer need to be created from scratch. Instead Organizations can be imported and created automatically from PowerSchool IDs.

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FTP Enhancements

During SFTP data uploads, the system will suspend data ingestion and forward an email notification to the Organization Administrator if it detects one or more problem(s) with the data. This email will include a link that the Organization Administrator can click to view the suspected problem(s).

Notifications are also sent if a large number of SFTP transfers are occurring at once, such as if multiple Administrators are uploading the same data. In this case, the link in the email will allow the receiving Administrator to approve the upload/ingestion.

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