Selecting Users>SFTP opens the SFTP Import screen, which allows you to specify the format that will be used to upload CSV files, containing user’s data to the system via SFTP and the user(s) who are authorized to perform this function. Enabling SFTP transfer allows authorized users to securely update Organization information without having to log into the SSO Passport application.

This screen contains the following functions:

  • Organization: Use this pull-down menu to select the Organization for which you are specifying SFTP settings.

  • Data Schema: Use this pull-down menu to select the schema to use for uploaded files. The CSV files which are being uploaded via SFTP must conform to the selected schema.

  • Critical Changes Level: This pull-down menu allows you to select a percentage of change and if it  exceeds the selected indicator, the system will email an approval link to the email address specified in the Email for notifications field.

  • Email for notifications: If the content of a CSV file changes the Organization's data by more than the percentage specified in the Critical Changes Level pull-down menu, then the system will send an email to the address entered in this field. The email will contain a link that must be clicked to approve the update.

  • Active/Inactive: Click Active to enable or Inactive to disable SFTP for the selected Organization.

  • Save: Click this button to save your changes.

  • Add SFTP User: Clicking this button opens the SFTP User popup, which allows you to add a new SFTP user for the selected Organization. See Adding/Editing an SFTP User.

The table on this screen displays the following for each SFTP user:

  • Username: Username of the user authorized to upload files for this Organization via SFTP. Clicking a username opens the User Permission popup, which allows you to update the information for that user. See Adding/Editing an SFTP User.

  • Status: user’s state, can be EnabledDisabledBlocked (user becomes blocked over 15 minutes after 5 unsuccessful attempts to connect to SFTP serverstate.

  • Delete: Clicking this button revokes SFTP privileges for the affected user.

Adding/Editing an SFTP User

Clicking Add SFTP User or a username in the SFTP Import screen opens the SFTP User popup. This popup will be blank if you are adding a new user. If you are editing an existing user, then the popup will be populated with the current information for that user.

Enter the following information:

  • Username: Username that will be used when logging in to the SFTP server.

  • Password: Password that will be used when logging in to the SFTP server. This password must be at least 8 characters long, with 1 uppercase 1 digit and 1 special character. Checking the Show password checkbox exposes the password.

  • Allow Connect From: Enter the IP address and range from which this user can access the SFTP server in CIDR format, such as

  • Status: Click the appropriate button to enable (Enabled) or disable (Disabled) SFTP access for this user.

Click OK to save your changes and return to the SFTP Import screen.