Finding and activating the New Connector

Go to the Admin Console and click on the Marketplace tab in the top menu

(see Screenshot 1)


  1. To find the New Connector within the Marketplace, type a name of New Connector in the “Search Marketplace” box and click the “Search” button

  2. When you have found the New Connector, click the “Activate” button

(see Screenshot 2)



  1. Click the “Add Site” button to select the organization(s) for which you would like to activate the New Connector.

A new window called “My Organizations” will pop up, where you can select the relevant organization(s) for which you would like to activate the New Connector.

(see Screenshot 3)


  1. Use Search field to find the organization you need.

  2. Select the relevant organization(s) by ticking the box next to it/them

  3. Click the “Submit” button.

(see Screenshot 4)


  1. Your selected Organization(s) will be displayed - you can remove an organization simply by clicking on the “Remove” button next to the organization.

  2. Click the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions of using the New Connector and to make the “Activate” button clickable.

  3. Click on the Activate button to activate the New Connector.

(see Screenshot 5)


A message will be shown in the top of Marketplace window confirming that the New Connector has been activated