The Integrated Applications Screen

Selecting Development Portal opens the Integrated Applications screen, which allows you to view OAuth credentials for integrated applications.  Authorized Partners or Ecosystem Partners will be able to use these credentials to obtain roster data via API calls.

This screen includes the following information:

SSO OAuth Credentials section:

  • OAuth API Documentation: Clicking this link opens the OAuth API documentation (opens a folder with a list of articles).

  • Application list: Each integration appears in a separate row. Clicking on the application displays the following information for that integration:

    • Redirect URL: Callback entry point of the integration which is used by the system to respond to API calls. You can edit this value.

    • Client ID: Unique ID for the integration, similar to a username. This field is  generated automatically by system.

    • Client Secret: Token which is used to authenticate API calls. This field is  generated automatically by system.

Data API OAuth Credentials section contains the similar information.

NOTE. Redirect URL field is absent in Data API OAuth Credentials, other fields are generated automatically after creation of RDI Service.

  • NOTE. SSO OAuth Credentials are used for providing integrations that rely on Single Sign-On (SSO) OAuth 2 Authorization service.