Roster Data Integrations for Ecosystem Partners

9.3.1. Create Roster Data Integration (RDI) Resources

Product creation is described in this document. The following is the only information related to creation of RDI Resources.

Partners are able to create Roster Data Integration Resources in Catalog Admin UI. During creation Partner must choose a set of attributes which are required to establish integration.

Note that Roster Data Integration attributes can be updated only if product has no active subscriptions.

9.3.2. Management for Ecosystem Partners

Selecting Integrations > Integrations opens the Partner Integrations screen, which allows you to manage all your Roster Data Integration (RDI) Services. The Integrations screen allows you to:

  • View the educational Organizations that are using your Roster Data Integration services.

  • Partner activate/deactivate access to RDI service for Organization.

  • View access history for each Organization.

You can search organizations for appropriate service by entering one or more key word(s) in the Search field, specifying whether to search by either Organization name (Org Name) or parent Organization name (by Parent Org Name), and then by clicking Search.

The table on this screen contains the following information:

  • Organization: Name of the Organization.

  • Parent Organization: Name of the Parent Organization.

  • Status: This can be either Active (partners can access roster data for this Organization) or Inactive (partners cannot access roster data for this Organization). Note, that this  ability is available only for approved integrations.

    • To activate an inactive integration, click the gray Activate button for the Organization you want to activate. The red Inactive button turns green and displays Active.

    • To deactivate an active integration, click the gray Inactivate button for the Organization you want to deactivate. The green Active button turns red and displays Inactive.

  • View History: Clicking this link opens the History popup, which contains the following columns:

    • Time: Date and time of the API call.

    • Request URI and Data: API request from the partner to SSO Passport and JSON response to the partner request.

Also you can Download a report in CSV file format that reflects the list of organizations with active RDI Product(s).